Tradition of experience

Our current staff have an average of 20 years with First Illinois Systems! We believe the only way to provide an integrated program is to develop a consistent relationship between our associates and your facility. Whenever possible, you are serviced by the same experienced professional every time. Many of our clients have had the same representative from our company for nearly two decades.

First Illinois Systems, Inc. has been serving northern Illinois since 1993 and northwestern Indiana since 2012. Marty Germann started the company and is still president, ensuring the same quality that set us apart in the beginning. Our account managers have degrees in biology and related fields, have additional qualifications in IPM, and carry the licenses mandated for pest control.

We solve ordinary pest problems and also excel in specialized settings where pests can’t and shouldn’t be controlled in conventional ways. First Illinois Systems communicates with you from the first visit forward.

Here’s what to expect when we visit your site:

  • We meet with the contact person for your facility, then consult the log sheet or submitted Pest Sighting Report
  • We inspect your facility for pests and the causes of those pests. We fill out a QC/Emergency form for recommending quality control work or emergency service.
  • At the end of the visit, our report to you includes observations on pest presence, storage, structure, sanitation defects, and treatments applied.
  • The weekly, monthly, or quarterly summary you receive from us (available in paper or electronic formats—in dialogue and spreadsheets) condenses all hand-written information, including reports, quality control, and emergency visits.
  • We follow up to make sure your pest problem stays resolved.

Let our experience become your success.


“The same account representative has been servicing our facility for more than ten years, allowing for a complete understanding of typical pest issues seen within our building.”

—A medical center in Joliet, IL