The Way We Work

With First Illinois Systems, Inc., it’s personalized care. We are a mid-sized, local company with more than 28 years of experience. Our staff help you work through tough pest situations. How? By spending one-on-one time with you on an IPM approach. Whether your clients are children, have chemical sensitivities, or are just plain afraid of spiders, we understand.

Communication is key at First Illinois Systems. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our answering service. After you call, one of our account managers meets with you in person, stays in touch via cell phone and texts, and emails you the information and monthly reports you need.

We serve more than 200 different clients in the greater Chicago area: more than one hundred health care facilities (hospitals, clinics, and health clubs); 24 senior living facilities, 16 office buildings, 12 museums, and dozens of other accounts.

Pest management works best when its results are noticed, but its methods and processes are left unseen. We work behind the scenes helping our clients to keep their facilities healthy and pest-free.

Learn more about how we assist hospitals and clinics, museums, and all levels of senior living.

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“…First Illinois Systems thoughtfully considers the source of any problem before establishing a course of action..”

—An art school in Chicago