Senior Living

Senior living encompasses many types of facilities, from independent housing to assisted living, skilled care, and memory care. First Illinois Systems helps all levels of senior facilities to maintain an environment that’s clean, healthy, and pest-free.

Independent and Assisted Living

Independent and assisted living facilities face pest challenges not only in buildings and the outdoors, but possibly from the high number of caregivers who enter their facilities daily. Associates at First Illinois Systems use tact when handling situations where residents and their families might be exposed to cockroaches, bed bugs, and other pests introduced by visitors and independently-hired staff.

We offer educational sessions for seniors on pest management, such as the biology of pests they are likely to see, how to save specimens, and why. We help them with pantry pests, identify food products that are contaminated, and suggest better strategies for storing dry goods and perishables. Sometimes our specialists even address resident garden clubs about IPM.

Some residents in senior housing have psychological concerns about pests—in particular, spiders, bed bugs, and the possibility of being bitten. We can communicate intelligently with residents and may provide information or recommend seeing a dermatologist or another specialist to help treat reactions to pests.

We currently serve 24 senior living facilities and would be honored to add you to our client list.

Skilled Care

In a skilled care nursing facility, residents might be recuperating from long-term health issues, healing deep wounds, or receiving physical therapy after an accident or setback—concerns too complex to be treated at home or even in assisted living.

Associates at First Illinois Systems understand that residents in skilled care, like all of our clients, should not be exposed to chemicals that would further compromise their health. With IPM, we ensure that skilled-care staff can meet their vulnerable patients’ needs and still maintain a clean, pest-free facility.

Memory Care

Memory care is a type of custodial care offering assistance with the tasks of daily living, from eating to getting dressed and managing medications. Many people with Alzheimer’s Disease or a related dementia will need memory care.

Individuals in memory care, in contrast to those in skilled care, can be quite mobile. If they forget social conventions in regard to eating, residents can drop food throughout the facility, commonly causing ant and German cockroach problems.

Let First Illinois Systems care for you as you care for others.



“The technician, Jon Bailey, exhibits a steady professionalism and is wonderful with our residents when interaction is required.”

—A retirement community in Elgin