More than a pest control company

How can we be more than a pest control company? At First Illinois Systems, we:

  • participate on task forces in community hospitals
  • represent an IPM perspective at Safety and Infection Control Board committee meetings
  • help write Green Policies (especially for new buildings)
  • inspect newly constructed buildings or remodeling projects. We can submit a punch list of all structural defects (especially food service areas) for the contractor to correct.

Some of our clients think of us as part of their facility and staff… which gives yet another meaning to integrated pest management!

What else can we do for you?

  • Save you money
  • Help you prepare for reviews from public health inspectors
  • Provide you with monthly reports summarizing activities and recommendations
  • Coordinate with more than one department to solve a pest issue
  • Educate your staff and senior residents about IPM and how to be part of green solutions. Some of our key in-service topics: biology of pests, chemical liability, disease transmission, causes of pest problems, solutions, and the responsibilities of employees



“They go above and beyond the basics of pest control by providing education and training to the staff in reference to prevention, sanitation, and much more. The reports provided are always nicely prepared, detailed, and informational.”

—A skilled care facility in Wheeling, IL