Meet our staff


All of our full-time account managers are knowledgeable about food service sanitation. They regularly attend seminars and courses to further their knowledge in this ever-evolving field.

You’ll get professional service with First Illinois Systems. Employees who apply pesticides are licensed pesticide applicators in Illinois (and if applicable, Indiana) but all staff focus on integrated pest management to minimize chemical tactics.

Our employees have worked at First Illinois Systems for an average of 20 years! Collectively, staff hold memberships in the American Alliance of Museums, the Better Business Bureau, Entomological Society of America, Greater Chicago Area Pest Control Association, Illinois Pest Control Association, International Executive Housekeepers Association, National Pest Management Association, and LeadingAge Illinois, the largest eldercare association in Illinois.



Marty Germann

Marty founded First Illinois Systems, Inc. in 1993. Today his company is perhaps the only one in northeastern Illinois specializing in IPM for healthcare, sensitive settings, and museums. He has spearheaded pest management programs at the Chicago Field Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry.

Marty holds a B.S. from Benedictine University and an M.S. in biological science from Northern Illinois University, where he studied plant-insect interactions. An account manager recently described him as “a fabulous boss who actually lives by what he says.”


Jon Bailey (email) – Senior Account Manager

An account manager with responsibilities in western and northwestern Chicago, Jon says “I like the IPM aspect more than anything else.” He has a BS in environmental biology from Eastern Illinois University and joined First Illinois Systems in 1998 after working on mosquito abatement and in environmental labs. Jon says truly practicing IPM is what sets FIS apart from larger companies.

Larry Cady (email) – Senior Account Manager

Larry serves hospitals in the north side of Chicago and beyond with his expertise in structural IPM. He has a B.S. in biological sciences from the University of Illinois and has been with First Illinois Systems since 1994. Larry believes one of the greatest needs in his area of expertise is proper identification of pests so they can be correctly managed.

Cynthia Nila (email) – Senior Account Manager

Cynthia completed Purdue’s integrated pest management program and is a licensed pest control operator. She says, “I really love my customers—staying in touch with them, and solving their pest problems.” Cynthia has an associate’s degree in applied science from Harper College in Palatine, IL. A registered nurse, she has worked for First Illinois Systems since 1999.

Dave Weber (email) – Senior Account Manager

Dave has a B.S. in ornamental horticulture from Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture and joined First Illinois Services in 1995. He services hospitals and other accounts in Park Forest, IL, and in northwest Indiana, where he is a licensed pest control operator. Says Dave, “We get the most success when we collaborate with other departments in the facility. Everybody has a part in getting the problem under control.”

Nick Revak (email) – Account Manager

Experience in restaurant management has served Nick well at First Illinois Systems. “I understand that aspect of the industry,” says Nick, “and we’re able to provide efficient solutions to their pest problems in a way that’s not a hindrance but maximizes their operation.” Nick joined First Illinois Systems in 2012 and focuses on bed bug management in Chicago, the North Side, and the northern suburbs.

Warren Eaton (email) – Account Technician

Warren’s specialty is with hospitals and rehabilitation centers in downtown Chicago and the North Side. He has been with First Illinois Systems since 2009 and believes that it differs from other companies because “we get down on our knees and into crawl spaces” and keep abreast of what’s happening in the industry.

Chris Wasicki (email) – Account Technician

A licensed pest control operator in Indiana and Illinois, Chris serves Chicago and the northwestern suburbs. He’s certified in IPM and food plants through Purdue University and Copesan in Wisconsin. Chris has audited for the American Institute of Baking, Cook & Thurber, USDA, and others, and has been with First Illinois Systems since 2009.

Jodi Caithamer (email) – Accounts Receivable Manager

With a background in office management, accounting, and private investigation, Jodi was just the person to begin At Your Service Secretarial Services. She took First Illinois Systems as a client in 2000 and continues to handle monthly invoicing, perform office duties, and write reports. Even though Jodi’s still not wild about insects, she describes Marty Germann as “a very generous, nice man.”

Brett Nila

Brett handles statements, filing and other administrative tasks at First Illinois Systems. He is a retired Army Veteran accustomed to meeting deadlines and maintaining an efficient work flow. “I’m very proud to be a part of this organization,” Brett says, “where everyone is so committed to customer service.”

As we see it: Comments from F.I.S. employees

“The first three people I hired in the 1990s have degrees in biology and are still with me—that’s a tradition of experience.”
Marty Germann, President

“Staff is what sets us apart. We are not the only company offering IPM. Yet we have been in business for over 28 years with zero marketing and no dedicated sales force. Why? One word: people. Your account manager will inspect, treat, report, get an answer to your contract and billing questions, educate your staff, everything. That’s rare anywhere these days.”
—Jon Bailey

“I love the company. We provide a great service and have an interesting niche. We’re able to address the needs of the health care community, which is our focus, but can serve any organization that wants to come up with a responsible, long-term solution that doesn’t involve a pesticide.”
—Nick Revak

“We got rid of a serious mouse infestation in a well-known hospital by working closely with the maintenance and housekeeping departments to address areas that needed to be sealed and sanitary issues. It wasn’t just us ‘coming in there, doing our thing, and leaving.’ We get the most success when we collaborate with other departments in the facility. Everybody has a part in getting the problem under control.”
—Dave Weber

“We were doing Green before Green was cool.”
—Nick Revak

“We adhere to and respect LEED-certified facilities. We partner with them and we’re on their side.”
—Larry Cady

“At one of our accounts, we found a big bed bug problem in an apartment; it had spread to a couple of others. We applied heat treatment to those units and brought in canine detection to sweep the other rooms. Within 1-2 treatments the problem was under control. They followed every recommendation we made, like installing mattress encasements, and it worked perfectly, smooth as could be.”
—Jon Bailey

“If we service accounts where other companies have failed, we remedy their situation, build strong relations, and keep the customers. Our company has extremely low staff turnover—almost nonexistent—and our client turnover is almost nonexistent.”
—Chris Wasicki