Hospitals and Clinics

Your hospital needs to be more than clean, so we’re ready to help you with any pest problems. We know that good public relations are critical, and since 1993 we’ve been dealing with pests in ways that won’t put you or your patients at risk.

Pests in health care facilities cause problems for patients, visitors, doctors, nurses, and other staff. They may transmit bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can contaminate a sterile field—with expensive consequences. Pesticides, however, are prohibited in critical care areas.

First Illinois Systems provides hospitals, clinics, and even health clubs with solutions to what ails them. We practice integrated pest management (IPM) and interact regularly with the Infection Control Departments of most facilities. We can help formulate green policies for your hospital. What else?

We can review and help reframe your facility’s procedures to exclude pests without the use of potentially toxic pesticides or expensive structural modifications. We focus on patient and employee practices that might introduce pests.

We inspect thoroughly, examining all points of pest entry—for example

  • emergency outside doors
  • sliding doors (are they left open? what pests are entering?)
  • doors to treatment rooms, surgery suites, waiting areas
  • windows, ventilation systems, and various other structural breaches

We diagnose pest problems by

  • drawing on decades of experience
  • involving experts within your facility who can influence solutions (e.g., staff from Maintenance and Housekeeping)
  • knowing pests’ requirements (food, water, or a place to live)

We prescribe the least toxic, most effective way to secure entry points and solve your problem. Your facility might need to

  • install insect light traps (I.L.T.’s)
  • retrofit doors so they seal tightly
  • install air curtains where appropriate

We continue to monitor for pests after we’ve dealt with an infestation, making sure your hospital stays pest-free.


With our experience and ingenuity, we’ll keep your hospital healthy.

“First Illinois Systems is the pest control company that has been discreetly providing for our pest control needs. They promptly address situations as they arise. I am confident they will always treat our residents with utmost respect and concern during their inspections. They educate our staff and residents, focusing on how pests can be preempted. I can rest assured that First Illinois Systems will continue to control these periodic problems in the most effective, safe, and professional manner.”

—A healthcare facility in LaGrange Park, Illinois