Green as you allow

Sometimes a pesticide can be more of a problem than the pest. That’s why First Illinois Systems, Inc. practices integrated pest management. It’s the best balance between your need to be pest-free and our joint responsibility to be good stewards of the environment. We always seek the no-pesticide approach first (that’s our interpretation of “green”!), but we are fully licensed applicators for those situations demanding it.

Using IPM, we can transform your pest control program from spray-based maintenance to a true preventive program with judiciously applied pesticides that are truly effective. A preventive program addresses the real issues.

Just a few examples:

  • We always diagnose a problem before we treat, in contrast to other companies. That way we avoid unnecessary applications.
  • We know sanitation will thwart most pests, so we help you by pointing out trash issues and unaddressed kitchen drains and the numerous other areas where pests are breeding.
  • We use non-pesticidal techniques: installing traps for insects and rodents, relocating lights that attract bugs to buildings, and sealing openings where pests sneak in.


Let us show you how. First Illinois Systems: Green since 1993!



“For a building that housed young artists for many years, the use of unnecessary and toxic chemicals was never our first choice; fortunately, in most cases, other tactics were utilized, ensuring the safety of those who lived in our building.

It is without hesitation that I offer my highest recommendation of First Illinois Systems to other organizations in need of such service. The company’s care of the environment, knowledge of various types of pests and their activities, and high caliber and attentive service make this firm a top choice.”


—A Chicago residence for young artists